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Wednesday Royals Links: Post-Greinke Edition

We're all still basking in the afterglow of Greinke's greatness. As an added bonus, I haven't read a Dayton Moore lecture or nonsensical excuse in like a day now. And, there's really cool links below! You may never work again, today, at least.

  • Nick Sloan's Official Web Site: Kansas City Royals 2010 MLB Draft Possibilities: Outfielders Bryce Brentz, Tyler Holt
  • Early Returns: Royals 2009 Draft Picks (Rounds 11-20) | Kings of Kauffman | A Kansas City Royals Blog
  • Teams to Worry About in 2010, According to Dayton Moore - Royals Review
  • Third-round pick Myers headed to Chukars " Chukars Corner
  • Raines OK after colliding headfirst with wall. No, really. - Royal Blues
  • The Pipeline: Royals on the Farm 8/23 and 8/24 -- Dwyer debuts in IF
  • Royals on Radio etc.: Interview with Ken of The Pipeline
  • Big Donkeys: Cash for Clunkers
  • Which will come first -- Royals fans' patience runs out, or the farm system starts producing studs? | Mellinger's Blog on the Royals
  • Royal Reflections: Kids' Day Photos
  • The General Columnist Era Is Over - Spencer Hall - The Sporting Blog - Sporting News
  • Game Recaps (8/24/09) - Mariners Minors
  • Atlanta Braves Minor League Recap: 8/25 - Talking Chop
  • New Arms of the Week - August 17-23 - Beyond the Box Score
  • The Baseball Analysts: One of the Game's Stranger Hitters
  • The end was nigh - The National Newspaper
  • The Minor Women of Mad Men: An Appreciation - Esquire