Poll: When did Dayton Moore lose your confidence?

I was very excited when Dayton Moore was hired as general manager of the Royals back in 2006. I remained very happy with him for over a year. The first major decision he made which I strongly disagreed with was his decision to pursue and sign Jose Guillen to a 3 year/$36 million contract. Even though I disagreed strongly with his choice, I understood the logic behind the move and accepted that in the end Dayton Moore's judgement might prove better than my own in this matter. I approved of his replacing Buddy Bell with Trey Hillman that offseason. I strongly disliked his choice of Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer in the first round of the 2007 and 2008 drafts, but again I accepted that his judgement might prove better than my own in this matter as well.

My trust in Moore took big hits this off-season with the Crisp and Jacobs trades. I knew these were mistakes and just wasn't willing to give Moore the benifit of the doubt any longer. The free agent signings of Bloomquist and Farnsworth were also clear mistakes. I thought Dayton Moore was trying to build a "win now" roster that off-season but had made so many poor decisions that the 2009 opening day roster was actually weaker than the 2008 roster had been. By March, 2009 the bad of Dayton Moore's tenure was starting to come into balance with the good. Still, I remained supportive of him and, had I been asked, I would have given him my fan's vote of confidence as late as July 9th, 2009.

My final personal tipping point was the Yuniesky Betancourt trade and his "circle the wagon's" response to the flood of criticism he received for this move.

Today, Dayton Moore has to win back my confidence. It took me three years to reach this point. I still want Dayton Moore to learn from his mistakes and improve. I would prefer improvement to dismissal. But today, I am at the point were I would be at most mildly opposed to replacing Dayton Moore as Royal's GM this off-season.

What is your story?

Update time. Well, it looks like my story is pretty similar to that of most readers of Royals Review. After about 300 responses roughly two out of every three Royals fans say they still had some level of confidence in Dayton Moore all the way through July of this year. It was the Yuniesky Bentancourt trade that was the breaking point for most. Confidence in Moore fell from about 65% before the trade down to about 15% after the trade. If Yuni reads RR, he must be feeling pretty bad right about now.

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