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Twins Sign/Claim/Acquire Ron Mahay, What I Mean Is, He Is Now On Their Team

It's all over. Signed to a two year, $4 million dollar deal in December of 2007, Ron Mahay was a product of the happy times. The days when we all thought "Dayton knows pitching, Dayton knows bullpens". A few people were even happy that Glass was now willing to spend eight million dollars on Baby Boomer relievers. That's all over.

Not to kick dirt on the graves of the freshly dead, but the Mahay contract was just another failure around here. During his two seasons in KC, Mahay was a combined 0.1 Wins Above Replacement (WAR). Free agent bullpen dude FAIL.

(Seriously, can the dudes at the Star get off the underperformers gag? Relevant example: Dutton used the word in his Mahay/Yabuta story. Yea, Mahay's performance, essentially in line with what he's done since 2002 was just an unfortunate underperformance. More bad luck for poor old Dayton...)

He was sorta ok in 2008 and he sucked in 2009. As noted before, Moore declined to trade him when he had the chance back in 2008. Why they would release him with a month left in this season, I don't know. There's a point where a sunk cost becomes so sunk, that it actually rounds back to being pointless to stop, sorta like a 75 year old who decides to stop smoking. Release Jose Guillen TODAY, don't do it in late August of 2010.

Anyway, farewell Ron Mahay. For now. (We thought Ho-Ram was gone for good once too.)