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21 Things You Could Have Told Me at the Beginning of the Season that Would Have Led Me to Believe We'd Be in First Place Right Now

1.  Zack Greinke would be leading the AL in Strikeouts and ERA

2.  Brayan Pena would be called up and would hit .319/.355/.478

3.  Brian Bannister hwould not only regain his 2007 form, but improve on it

4.  Willie Bloomquist would not be as terrible as we anticipated

5.  Coco Crisp would have a .371 OBP in the first month, and would have the 3rd most walks on the team through August

6.  Mark Teahen would show a resurgence in his ability to hit, garnering a lot of interest as a trade candidate...

7.  ...but we would not trade him because Moore viewed him as to valuable to the team's chances in 2009

8.  The Royals would be in first place through much of the first two months

9.  Kyle Farnsworth would have more strikeouts than innings pitched, and a 4:1 K/BB ratio, against only 2 homeruns allowed

10.  Mike Jacobs would have dramatically improved his walk rate and his defense, while also leading the team in homeruns

11.  Miguel Olivo would have 14 homeruns

12.  Alberto Callaspo and Billy Butler would both have OPS's around .800

13.  Soria would continue to dominate

14.  Hillman would start demonstrating some creativity with the use of his closer, not being wedded to the idea of a 3 out pitcher

15.  Moore would trade away two prospects, including Dan Cortes, to upgrade our shortstop position

16.  Both Kyle Davies and Luke Hochevar would show flashes of brilliance, including months in which they both pitched as good as or better than Greinke

17.  Gil Meche would continue to be a dependable innings eater with an above average ERA

18.  Sidney Ponson wouldn't be on the major league squad by June

19.  The Royals would be buyers at the trade deadline, trading for depth at the outfield and infield positions

20.  Jose Guillen wouldn't be starting in the outfield by August 2, as we had several better options

21.  Dayton Moore would condescend to us about how well The Process was working