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I Don't Know Why I Care Anymore


  • Yea Dayton, you just had nothing to work with from the previous administration. I think people are starting to realize that if Baird was truly as bad as he was portrayed, this would be a 125 loss team.
  • Mitch Maier for 2010 starting CF now. Now!
  • For a guy who has been relegated to third string afterthought for no apparent reason (other than not being a Dayton Guy) John Buck can do some things. A smart team is going to acquire him and he's going to become part of a strong, probably cheap, catching platoon.
  • I have no desire to see Gil Meche pitch anymore this season. Since we're already committed to a death run for a playoff spot in 2010, the best thing now is to shut down Gil for the meaningless remainder of 2009. There's just no benefit to continually sending him out there. Of course, given that both Hillman and Moore are in, and have been in for months, full cover your ass mode, I fully expect another month of Meche starts. They've gotta save face and lose "only" 92 games if at all possible.