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Royals Lose Again, Fall to 41-65. Really.

I've resigned myself to an understanding that this team is horrible for so long, that sometimes I almost know it so well that I end up forgetting it a little. The Royals are 41-65. They're now easily the worst team in the American League and getting closer to the Nationals, now 35-72, each day.

This is a team, by the way, that was rather meticulously built by Mr. Dayton Moore to win now. Between the scores of free agent signings, the rushed promotions of Billy Butler and Alex Gordon and the non-moves of the last three deadlines, there really was a process. And the process was a total, complete, unmitigated and nearly unparalleled failure.

Everyone knows all of this of course, although sometimes we need to take a step back and re-remember it. Especially given the continued parade of excuses being peddled by the ever more cowardly leadership team. Dayton fell in love with the 2007-2008 Royals. Why, I'm not sure. So here we are.

The Royals are already, at least, two years behind Cleveland, who remains better at the Major League level, and also has a better minor league system, which they've restocked over the last two seasons. If you aren't building, you're falling farther behind.

The Royals didn't wake up in 2009 and suddenly found themselves in this situation. This a rotten banquet with fruits gathered from across an entire vineyard of mistakes.