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Royals Review Prospect Pulse: August

I know you were desperately wondering and hoping if there would be an August Prospect Pulse--well here it is-a little late but hopefully worth the wait.

Well, it was an busy month for the minors in July.  We lost Dan Cortes and Derrick Saito in the "incident".  Eric Hosmer, Mike Montgomery and Jordan Parraz were among those promoted and Dan Gutierrez made his 2009 debut.  Hosmer's promotion was puzzling.  He wasn't exactly tearing up Burlington.  Montgomery, on the other hand, was ready for a new challenge and is rapidly becoming a very good prospect.  Wilmington is now a loaded ballclub--with 6 of the top 12 Royals prospects (by my rankings) playing in Delaware.  Gutierrez has made a handful of appearances and I'm not sure if he is now a reliever or if they are just being careful with his arm.  You could do a lot worse following the Royals minor leagues than checking Wilmington's box score. 

In August, we have the draft signing deadline--where I think we'll see Chris Dwyer and Will Myers sign.  We found out this week that Aaron Crow--since he came from an independant  league is not required to sign by August 17--which concievibly means this could drag into the winter.  I'm still hopeful Crow will sign around the deadline when Bud starts allowing over slot deals and the market is set by those signing around him.

Finally, if the season, ended today the Royals would draft 2nd overall.  They are 5 games back of the Nats at the time I write this and I'm actually starting to believe they could finish with the worst record in baseball--which might allow them to draft Bryce Harper or perhaps Stephen Strasburg--althought it is far from a sure thing that either of those guys will be availible.  If either of them are, I'm rooting for us to be the worst (besides there is an outside chance that we might see regime change). 

Here is the list.  The stats for pitchers: k/9-bb/9--FIP.  for hitters: avg/opb/slg


Rank Name Last Month Age Level Month Stats YTD Comment
1 Eric Hosmer-1B 1 19 High-A

Low-A 275/356/431

High-A 220/256/244

Low-A 255/352/385

High-A 220/256/244

Just started to heat up at Burlington and then promoted--they must really want him and Moose together.
2 Mike Montgomery-LHP 5 20 High-A

Low-A 7.4/4.4/3.36

High-A 7.5/7.5/4.33

Low-A 7.8/4.2/3.36

High-A 7.5/7.5/4.33

The kid is doing great and should continue with a good number or K's and grounders--a winning combo.
3 Mike Moustakas-3B 2 20 High-A 196/244/384 253/297/421 Ugly, ugly month for him.
4 Aaron Crow-RHP 3 22 NA NA NA He doesn't have to sign by Aug 17--I'm still hoping it gets done by then--when all the over slot deals come in the final few days.
5 Dan Duffy-LHP 4 20 High-A 9.5/4.4/2.85 8.2/3.9/3.39 Pitching well in the 2nd half
6 Jeff Bianchi-SS 6 22 AA 279/330/365

High-A 307/364/437

AA 329/377/454

He's one of the streakiest hitters we have in the  minors.
7 Tim Melville-RHP 8 19 Low-A 11.0/4.4/3.01 8.4/4.1/4.16 Showing his stuff
8 Kila Kaaihue-1B 7 25 AAA 224/387/329 257/401/462 A down month but still a 387 OBP.  how many Royals have that in a good month?
9 J. Giavotella-2B 12 22 High-A 306/387/398 259/369/372 He's right on schedule.
10 David Lough-CF 10 23 AA 343/367/524

High-A 323/373/477

AA 330/364/496

Just keeps hitting
11 Jordan Parraz-RF 13 24 AAA 292/370/417

AA 358/451/553

AAA 292/370/417

Has adjusted to AAA and is a darkhourse for 2010 KC RF
12 Dan Gutierrez-RHP 11 22 High-A 6.0/0.0/2.17 6.0/0.0/2.17 He's pitching--it's relief-but at least he's back on the mound. 
13 Will Myers-C? 14 19 NA NA NA Signing Aug. 17
14 John Lamb-LHP 18 19 SS

Bur 10.0/4.7/5.58

IDF 8.4/2.8/4.45

Bur 8.0/3.5/4.72

IDF 8.4/2.8/4.45

Good 08 draftee. 
15 Chris Dwyer-LHP 28 21 NA NA NA He's signing on Aug 17
16 Kelvin Herrera-RHP 15 19 DL NA 1.7/0.0/3.50 I wish I had an update on this guy
17 Disco Hayes-RHP 17 26 AAA 5.1/1.7/3.52

AA 4.0/1.4/3.19

AAA 4.2/1.0/3.52

Glad Hayes is still in AAA with our incredible ML bullpen.
18 Carlos Rosa-RHP 16 24 AAA 9.4/2.8/2.31 9.3/4.8/4.25 Glad Rosa is still in AAA with our incredible ML bullpen.
19 Tyler Sample-RHP 21 20 SS 9.4/4.7/2.95


BUR 9.4/4.7/2.95

Putting it together some
20 Greg Holland-RHP 23 23 AAA 3.0/6.0/9.33

AA 9.5/4.8/3.48

AAA 3.0/6.0/9.33

Rough start at AAA
21 Oh Crap I left one space open and I'm not going to reformat the list from 21 on
22 Juan Abreu-RHP NR 24 AA

High-A 12.6/1.8/1.30

AA 14.9/10.1/3.72

High-A 1.8/6.8/3.73

AA 14.9/10.1/3.72

Live arm, tore up High-A, we'll see how he does in AA-obviously control will be key.
23 Keaton Hayenga-RHP 36 21 SS 5.3/3.8/3.55 5.5/3.0/3.27 Recovered from shoulder injury 2 years ago, now needs to improve K rate.
24 Blaine Hardy-LHP 33 22 Low-A 8.7/1.9/2.24 8.5/1.6/2.62 Keeps on with good numbers.
25 Carlos Fortuna--RHP 23 19 SS 5.1/8.0/8.17 7.24/6.26/5.85 Good arm, bad month
26 Salvador Perez-C 24 19 SS 229/290/349 283/353/400 Welcome to a bunch of catchers who have potential but aren't hitting.
27 Yowil Espinal-SS 25 18 SS 160/269/245 215/321/348 Has cooled off considerably, but talent is still there.
28 Chris Lubanski 31 24 AAA AZ 500/563/1000 264/358/396 Back to Omaha from injury
29 Sean McCauley-C 26 20 Low-A 196/245/239 226/289/305 I think he's been hurt
30 Paulo Orlando-CF 21 23 High-A 308/372/410 260/306/367 interesting month but we've seen this before
31 Jose Bonilla-C 27 21 Low-A 189/265/270 231/285/338 The Miguel Olivo of Burlington, Iowa.
32 Barry Bowden-RHP 35 24 Low-A 12.7/5.1/2.12 10.6/4.3/3.12 Non-drafted kid keeps dealin'.
33 Jason Taylor-3B 39 21 LowA 267/330/400 261/325/405 Back from suspension and doing OK, but is repeating low-A
34 Derrick Robinson
NR 22 High-A 174/211/239
235/282/304 I thought he was overrated at the start of the season, but I still hold a little bit of hope
35 Malcolm Culver-3B 41 19 SS 231/294/359 240/315/420 Had a down month but I like this kid
36 Hilton Richardson-CF 44 20 SS 304/360/449 323/370/411 inflated average from BABIP, but still very talented.
37 Brandon Sisk-LHP 46 24 High-A 14.4/3.6/2.29 12.1/2.4/2.15 Crazy numbers--watch this guy.
38 Alex Llanos-CF NR 18 SS 345/409/560 317/370/472 Speedy CF is supposed to have a good bat--he's starting to show it this year.
39 Leondy Perez-RHP NR 19 SS 8.9/1.5/3.70 8.9/2.3/4.23 Good stats from the young RHP--don't know much about him.
40 Dusty Odenback NR 21 Low-A

SS 6.4/2.7/2.94

Low-A 8.0/4.0/3.09

SS 6.4/2.7/2.94

Low-A 8.0/4.0/3.09

09 draftee is already at low-A
41 Mike Lehman-RHP 40 20 Low-A 3.4/4.2/5.69 4.5/4.2/4.98 Tough month for the youngster in Low-A
42 Ben Theriot-C NR 21 SS 346/404/404 333.408/413 09 draftee has gotten on base in limited at bats
43 Deivy Batista-SS NR 21 SS 296/298/561 309/327/583 Not very young, doesn't get on base--but loads of power.
44 Mario Lisson-SS 43 25 AAA 242/283/354

AA 206/287/279

AAA 246/279/422

Best SS in the Royals organization?  That's damning with faint praise.
45 Jerico Blanco--OF 50 17 DSL 262.324/338 250/339/396 Numbers are so-so but lots of talent
46 Brian Paukovits-RHP 45 22 SS 6.8/3.7/5.54 8.5/4.2/4.51 Had a rough August.
47 Nick Van Stratten-OF 42 24 High-A 191/283/362

Low-A 320/395/449

High-A 191/283/362

Finding High-A a challenge.
48 Henry Barrera-RHP 29 23 DL NA 12.2/14.7/5.71 Injured.
49 Jarrod Dyson-CF NR 24 AA 250/343/293

Low-A 343/397/403

AA  275/345/305

Typical speedster--no power.
50 Blake Wood-RHP 20 23 DL NA 5.8/2.9/4.32 Still injured


Player of the Month: Mike Montgomery--left handed with good stuff, gets ground balls.  He's got a higher ceiling than Dan Duffy and I really like this kid.  He got promoted to High-A and it will be interesting to see how he does.  Needs to keep his control in check.  He's a very good prospect right now and with a strong finish could be a top pitching prospect heading into 2010.