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Mike Sweeney Has Had a Nice Second-Half

Our old pal Mike Sweeney has actually had a pretty nice little second half of the season up in Seattle. Even with an 0-4 on Sunday, Mike's still hitting .325/.385/.538 in his last 91 PAs.

I don't have any great analysis here. He's an old guy who is flashing some old guys skills one last time. His current hot streak has a heavy batting average component (which is pretty much inevitable with hot streaks) which is actuallyout of line with his other changes this season. His numbers for the season, .271/.328/.431, are mostly in line with what he's done since 2006, though his walk rate and ISO have both picked up in 2009.

Mike's currently at 1493 career hits and it'd be nice to see him get to 1500 this season. If he really finishes strong, like 20/35, the rest of the way, he'll not only get over 1500 hits, he'll get his career average over .300. That probably won't happen, but it'd be cool if it did.