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Late Night Royals Links: Royals Sign Aaron Crow, While Ken Rosenthal Gives Voice to the Poor & Silenced Voices of the Mainstream Media

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Ken Rosenthal googled himself at some point and did not like what he found.

Maybe Ken Rosenthal googled himself after the fake bloggers-and-steroids controversy. Maybe he did so before. No matter when he did so, it's pretty obvious that he didn't like what he saw.The odd thing is that prior to this summer, Rosenthal didn't seem to be an especially controversial figure: he did harmless in-game reporting on FOX games and he broke trade rumors and... that was it. I can't remember anything he wrote ever being controversial from an analytical perspective. Still, it is evident that he's upset about something, and now the internet must pay.

Increasingly, he just seems like another (subconsciously perhaps) threatened guy with an axe to grind. He's on TV constantly. He writes for a big website. He has a cell phone contact list that looks like a MLB directory, and yet he feels silenced somehow by (of course) people in their basements. This is the reaction of a man who somewhere deep inside is beginning to realize that other people out there, people who don't even get paid to do so, actually know a lot about baseball too.


My position of extreme prominence is not prominent enough!! My peers having 95% of the audience is not enough!!

The extremely ironic thing about all of this is that the MVP Award is not decided by a popular vote or even some kind of mega-debate. The AL MVP will be decided by a group, BBWAA members in AL cities, which is about one quarter the size of the United States Senate. Which is why I tend not to get involved in the endless MVP wars.

Devil Fingers and Poz are both good on this.



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