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Saturday Afternoon Royals Links


  • Royal Reflections: Hochevar tosses a three-hit shutout
  • Crow Signs - Royals Authority
  • The Spoils: My American League Awards
  • Crown Gems: Greinke, Crow, Scheppers, Saves, Hamfighters | Kings of Kauffman | A Kansas City Royals Blog
  • With Greinke, why stop at Cy Young? - SweetSpot by Rob Neyer - ESPN
  • Joe Posnanski " Blog Archive " 200-200-200 seasons
  • The Pipeline: Royals on the Farm 9/17 -- Crow in the nest, Bees laid to rest
  • Royal Reflections: Is this season salvageable?
  • Lifelong Royals fan Aaron Crow gets rich, thoughts follow | Mellinger's Blog on the Royals and Baseball
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