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Hillman's Fantasy: Small-Ball Royals Bury White Sox

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Love is an amazing thing. It makes you patient when you shouldn't be. It makes you faithful and hopeful, when all the evidence says you shouldn't be.

For most of the season, the Royals have done their damnedest to get St. Willie Bloomquist into the lineup as much as possible. And they aren't just playing him, they've been especially fond of having him near the top of the order, despite the fact that he's a batting average only guy, without a good batting average.

Today, in the first inning, they were rewarded, Bloomquist doubled (ok, negative points there for an actual extra-base hit), then stole third, then came home on a wild pitch.



The Royals scored their second run in the third, when beloved former Brave and generally useless player Josh Anderson came around to score after reaching via the bunt single. Thereby sealing today's game as the greatest victory of the season.

  • Robinson Tejeda continues to impress and amaze. I guess the joke is on us for not expecting a failed reliever (at least prior to this season) to be a great starter. Tejeda allowed just three hits in six innings, mixing in five strikeouts and just two walks. How is this happening? Has Tejeda been inducing weak contact thanks to helpful wildness? I don't know, but it seems like a reasonable theory given his track record. If anyone wants to dive into the numbers, please do so. Are you ready to move forward with Tejeda as a starter to begin the 2010 season?
  • Roman Colon allowed all kinds of baserunners, but was able to escape unharmed. The White Sox are just miserable offensively right now.
  • Soria snagged another multi-inning save. Credit, really, non-snarky credit, should be given to Hillman for opening up to this after drawing a dumb line in the sand about it earlier. Good for him for adjusting.
  • Does anyone else sorta want Soria to be shutdown pretty soon? I just tend to be really into this sorta thing for pitchers, maybe it makes sense, maybe it doesn't.
  • The Royals have 61 wins. A week or so ago that number seemed borderline unreachable as a season total. Crazy hot streak this is.