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Royals Complete Comeback, Stun Red Sox 12-9

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And yes, I missed it. I felt terrible last night and checked out after Yuni was retired in the 5th to keep it at 8-5. For the first time since I was eight, I went to bed at 10:30. This ended up being a really bad decision, because, of course, I woke up feeling even worse, yet wide awake, at 1:00 AM. By 2:00 AM I gave up on sleeping and went into the living room to flip on ESPN/NFLN/MLBN to quickly digest scores (so easy to be a fan these days, I remember when you had to know when to time Headline News to get the sports scores), and I saw that the Royals won. It greatly improved what had been, and was, an otherwise terrible night.

  • When was the last time the Royals drew 11 walks in a game? I do not recognize this team. I haven't checked the numbers, but it sure seems like they're actually getting on-base via the walk quite a bit during this hot streak.
  • Billy Butler is good.
  • The Red Sox have had a terrible time holding runners all season and it was nice to see the Royals take advantage of that.
  • Bully for Alex Gordon coming up with a big hit.
  • Jamey Wright somehow thre two scoreless innings?
  • I'm actually starting to non-hate Josh Anderson a little. Am I wrong to feel this way?