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Zack Greinke Shuts Down Twins, Improves his Cy Young Resume

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Zack Greinke struck out eight Twins, walked just two (thanks to a bizarre strike zone) and scattered merely seven hits over seven innings. Six of the seven hits were singles, with Orlando Cabrera the only Twin to manage an extra-base hit with a double.

Greinke is now 16-8, with an ERA of 2.06. There's no point in bringing up more advanced stats, because they won't matter to 90% of the voters. The ironic thing is that although Greinke has now earned three straight wins, he was actually pitching better a month ago, when he was in the no-decision zone thanks to his horrible teammates.

Greinke has not allowed more than two runs in a start since August 19th.

The scary thing is that the Royals very nearly did not do enough to support Greinke. The key moment in the game was an unlikely three-run homer by Yuni Betancourt. I expect an eight year extension for Betancourt to be announced tomorrow morning.