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Yankee Reserves Pound Hochevar

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Despite a solid start, Luke Hochevar eventually struggled against a lineup featuring a number of extremely unfamiliar faces Monday night. When the dust settled, Hochevar allowed eight runs to the Yankee B team, adding another down chapter to what had once been a promising season.

The Royals, as currently assembled, just do not seem like a good fit for Luke. The team is awful defensively, especially in the infield, and Hochevar has been at his best when he's getting ground balls. That being said, Hochevar was hit hard tonight, allowing three doubles and two homers, to go with seven make-of-it-what-you-will singles. A mere two strikeouts is further evidence that he was deeply hittable tonight.

So, all in all, a bummer start for Luke. We've said it before, but it continues to hold: Davies, Bannister and Hochevar remain huge question marks, as well as huge potential contributors. I thought Bannister was done last season, then he came back. I thought Davies had arrived, then he left. If two of them could just click for a full season, the Royals might be dangerous. Unfortunately, two thirds of the teams in the game have this same scenario with their own guys. The intriguing/frustrating pitcher who gets 80 starts to show something is not a rare species.

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