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Royals Fall to Angels Late

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Dayton's hand-picked bullpen filled with his guys blew it again. Wow, Jamey Wright failed. Again. Since May 20th, his ERA is over 6.00. I'm stunned he quickly put two runners on to start the eighth. Damn that bad luck I guess. Poor poor Royals. Who could have foreseen that Roman Colon would have allowed those inherited runners to score? This is a man with a track record of success! Look at what he's done in the American League! You have to trust a guy with a 5.51 ERA since 2005 to get guys out and if he doesn't, well, that's on him.

Look, I'm perfectly willing to drop it just as soon as Moore stops moonlighting as his own PR man every five days in the papers and goes back to being one of the bottom ten GMs in baseball full time.