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Luke Hochevar Blasted As the Royals Lose Yet Again

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Remember when we all thought that Luke Hochevar and Kyle Davies would be key members of the Royal rotation? We should have remembered the rule: out of Hochevar, Davies, and Bannister, only one can be good at any given time.

What he hell happened to the Luke Hochevar who looked unstoppable for three starts in August? Hochevar now has a 2009 ERA of 6.10. I know ERA has a number of problems, especially when you pitch in front of a terrible defense, but the list of starting pitchers who post an ERA over 6.00 for a season, then turned out to be useful later on, has to be fairly small.

I guess it is time for Dayton to switch his story again: remember everyone, he didn't draft Hochevar. Nope. Had nothing to do with it.