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Royals Do the Impossible, Win Meaningless Game

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Quite the day for "The Process" at the ole ballyard today. Kyle Davies had a weirdly effective day, and Dayton's motley bullpen crew somehow managed to get the ball to Soria, who picked up a glorious three-run save. The only downside was that popular whipping boy and Allard draftee Billy Butler powered the offense, blasting two home runs. Oh well, the man himself would be the first to tell you that in this fallen world, nothing is ever perfect.

  • Not sure how Kyle Davies did it today, seeing as how he walked six and struck out just one in five innings, but he timed everything well enough, and escaped having just allowed one run. I'm sure he'll put it all together at some point. Don't worry. It'll happen. It really will.
  • Nice to see Billy have a good game. I gotta be honest, I'm rooting for him to pass Olivo.
  • Who has worked out better: Yuni or Josh Anderson? In any event, the team is now strong up the middle.

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