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Royals Amaze World With Three Game Winning Streak, Set Sights on October

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Yea, Detroit is still not very good. Especially big ups to all the boys tonight for beating Justin Verlander and upping Greinke's Cy Young chances 1% or so.

  • Thanks to the three game winning streak, the Royals are now at 54-85. Still 31 games under .500, but a 100 loss season is now much less likely. If that sort of thing matters to you.
  • Robinson Tejeda now has a 3.21 ERA, and is likely to finish the season with a higher WAR than Joakim Soria. Dayton knows pitching again.
  • Billy Butler is silly hot right now. Of course, he's still not good on the 3-6-2 double play, which as Royals Authority pointed out this week, gets turned about three times a season by most players. So a mixed bag I guess. 
  • Does Hillman make late-inning PH, PR and defensive replacement moves more than anyone else in the game? It sure seems like it. I actually kind of dig this sorta of thing, except when it always seems like Willie Bloomquist and Josh Anderson are involved.
  • The Tigers are not good.