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Royals Review Final Community Prospect List

We have completed our Community Prospect List.  After some funny business with the final round of voting, we finished with Chris Dwyer and John Lamb tying--so they will go on the list as 10a and 10b.  I'll post the list after the jump.  Thanks to everyone who voted.

#1--Mike Montgomery--LHP--36%

#2--Mike Moustakas--3B--36%

#3--Aaron Crow--RHP--45%

#4--Eric Hosmer--1B--44%

#5--Will Myers--C--43%

#6--Dan Duffy--LHP--51%

#7--Tim Melville--RHP--52%

#8--Noel Arguelles--LHP--40%

#9--Jeff Bianchi--SS--50%

#10a-John Lamb--LHP--22%

#10b--Christ Dwyer--LHP--22%

Mike Montgomery topped our list. I thought he would be an overwhelming favorite, as opposed to garnering a modest plurality.  From this list, it looks like folks are holding out hope for Moustakas/Hosmer--putting them at #2 and #4, respectively.  It would be interesting to see where Arguelles would place were we to do this again.  He signed in the middle of the list and then Baseball America pronounced that he would have been #3 on their list.  Bianchi had a small but vocal group of supporters early on (kind of reminded me of Ron Paul supporters--not that that is a bad thing). I think the group put together a very strong Top 10 11.

I'll be back at the end of the month with an early Draft preview.