Maybe Dayton is a sly, cunning genius

Let's pretend.

Let's imagine that Dayton Moore understands that 2010 and probably 2011 are rebuilding years, in which the Royals have no chance to compete. He has also known all along that the minor league system he inherited is very weak, and that he needs some young players ready for the major leagues in 2012.

So he decides to buy a lot of cheap crap and throw it at the wall, assuming some of it is going to stick. Then he'll be able to trade it away at the deadline and pick up some prospects to shore up the minors.

Best-case scenario, at the deadline:

Ankiel hits 15 HRs and drives in 40 runs. Somebody's right fielder gets injured. Dayton trades Ankiel for a couple of prospects.

Podsednik is hitting .300 and steals 20 bases. Somebody's left fielder gets injured. Dayton trades Pods for a prospect.

Yuni is hitting .260 and has not made any disastrous defensive plays. Somebody's shortstop gets injured. Dayton trades Yuni for a couple of semi-prospects.

Anderson is hitting .275 and has not gotten hit on the head with the ball. Somebody's backup outfielder gets injured. Dayton trades Anderson for half a prospect.

And, in the wildest of dreams, Guillén realizes this is a contract year, shows up at training camp in shape, and hits a lucky streak, with 12 HR and 35 RBI. Somebody's DH gets hurt. Dayton convinces Omar Minaya to take Guillén and the $6 million still owed him in exchange for some Triple-A filler.

Not even the best-case scenario can comprehend signing Kendall, though.

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