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2010 Royals In-Season Transaction Review

I was going through the 2010 transaction logs collecting injury information and decided to incude all of the Royal's transactions, excluding the all the draft pick signings and assignments. I included some comments that came to me as I read through them.


04/02/10 Kansas City Royals optioned Brian Anderson to Idaho Falls Chukars.
The TPJ experiment, Part II
04/02/10 Texas Rangers traded RHP Luis Mendoza to Kansas City Royals.
The joke was on the Royals with this trade.
04/03/10 Kansas City Royals placed 3B Josh Fields on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to March 28, 2010. Right hip flexor strain.
The mystery injury of the season. I remember when no one had a clue what was going on with him.
04/03/10 Kansas City Royals placed 3B Alex Gordon on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to March 26, 2010. Right thumb fracture.
Head first slides rule.
04/03/10 Kansas City Royals placed RHP Gil Meche on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to March 26, 2010. Right shoulder bursitis.
04/04/10 Kansas City Royals designated RHP Anthony Lerew for assignment.
04/04/10 Kansas City Royals called up LHP John Parrish from Omaha Royals.
Exchanged Lerew for Parrish in the pen. The bullpen was just horrible early in the season
04/07/10 Kansas City Royals outrighted Anthony Lerew to Omaha Royals.
04/11/10 Kansas City Royals activated RHP Gil Meche from the 15-Day disabled list.
Gil was ready for his comeback.
04/11/10 Kansas City Royals optioned Mike Aviles to Omaha Royals.
Why again?
04/16/10 Kansas City Royals called up RHP Josh Rupe from Omaha Royals.
Wasn't he Soria's setup man at some point.
04/16/10 Kansas City Royals designated RHP Roman Colon for assignment.
What a great name.

04/17/10 Kansas City Royals placed 2B Chris Getz on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to April 16, 2010. Strained right oblique.
Both players obtained in the Teahen trade are on the DL within the first month.
04/21/10 Kansas City Royals outrighted RHP Roman Colon to Omaha Royals.
@I can't believe he cleared waivers@
04/23/10 Kansas City Royals called up Bruce Chen from Omaha Royals.
If I had know how important this day would be towards my season enjoyment. Thanks for the memories Bruce.
04/23/10 Kansas City Royals called up Brad Thompson from Omaha Royals.
04/23/10 Kansas City Royals released RHP Juan Cruz.
$6 million dollars and 2nd draft pick later, the Jaun Cruz was finally no longer a Royals. Just one of many bad FA signing by Dayton Moore
04/23/10 Kansas City Royals designated RHP Luis Mendoza for assignment
How did he last 21 days here?
04/26/10 Kansas City Royals claim CF Jai Miller off waivers from Oakland Athletics.
04/26/10 Kansas City Royals optioned Jai Miller to Omaha Royals.
Great, someone with less plate discipline than Yuni
04/26/10 Kansas City Royals transferred 3B Josh Fields from the 15-Day disabled list to the 60-Day disabled list.
04/28/10 Kansas City Royals outrighted RHP Luis Mendoza to Omaha Royals.
@I really can't believe he cleared waivers@
04/29/10 Kansas City Royals recalled Victor Marte from Omaha Royals.
04/29/10 Kansas City Royals placed LHP John Parrish on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to April 25, 2010. Inflammation in his left rotator cuff.
04/29/10 Kansas City Royals optioned RHP Victor Marte to Omaha Royals.
04/30/10 Kansas City Royals activated 2B Chris Getz from the 15-Day disabled list.
Finally, the savior arrives.


05/02/10 Visalia Rawhide traded SS Rey Navarro to Wilmington Blue Rocks and Kansas City Royals traded RHP Carlos Rosa to Arizona Diamondbacks.
I wish Rosa would have been given more of chance with the Royals.
05/02/10 Kansas City Royals optioned OF Alex Gordon to Omaha Royals.
The outfield experiment begins.
05/03/10 Kansas City Royals recalled Mike Aviles from Omaha Royals.
Finally some got their head out of their ass.
05/04/10 Kansas City Royals traded to Chicago White Sox.
This transaction is listed and not sure what to make of it.  Are we we now just part of the White Sox?
05/05/10 Kansas City Royals placed CF Rick Ankiel on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to May 3, 2010. Right quad strain
Royals just trying to keep him healthy so he can be Atlanta's NLDS Game 2 hero.

05/05/10 Kansas City Royals recalled Kila Ka'aihue from Omaha Royals.
About time we can see what he can do in the majors
05/05/10 Kila Ka'aihue roster status changed by Kansas City Royals.
05/12/10 Kansas City Royals recalled Blake Wood from Omaha Royals.
Dayton's first draft pick makes it to the majors.
05/12/10 Kansas City Royals designated RHP Josh Rupe for assignment.
05/12/10 Kansas City Royals activated RHP Blake Wood.
05/14/10 Kansas City Royals outrighted RHP Josh Rupe to Omaha Royals.
05/17/10 Kansas City Royals optioned 1B Kila Ka'aihue to Omaha Royals.
Well, 12 days in the majors and back to AAA for more seasoning.
05/17/10 Kansas City Royals called up Bryan Bullington from Omaha Royals.
05/25/10 Kansas City Royals called up Wilson Betemit from Omaha Royals.
Just like the Chen promotion, this ended up actually having a major impact on the team
05/25/10 Kansas City Royals optioned RHP Bryan Bullington to Omaha Royals.


06/03/10 Kansas City Royals claim RHP Kanekoa Texeira off waivers from Seattle Mariners.
Another salvo in the Battle for Grass Creek
06/03/10 Kansas City Royals designated RHP Brad Thompson for assignment.
06/04/10 Kansas City Royals activated RHP Kanekoa Texeira.
06/16/10 Kansas City Royals placed RHP Luke Hochevar on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to June 12, 2010. Right elbow strain
Another starter to the DL, amazing.
06/16/10 Kansas City Royals called up RHP Anthony Lerew from Omaha Royals.
Yeah !!!


07/03/10 CF Rick Ankiel assigned to Omaha Royals from Kansas City Royals.
07/03/10 C Edwin Bellorin assigned to Kansas City Royals from Omaha Royals.
07/04/10 Kansas City Royals traded C Edwin Bellorin to Houston Astros.
07/14/10 Kansas City Royals transferred RHP Gil Meche from the 15-Day disabled list to the 60-Day disabled list.
No one saw this one coming
07/22/10 Kansas City Royals activated CF Rick Ankiel from the 15-Day disabled list
Great, now a lobster was back patrolling CF
07/22/10 Kansas City Royals traded 3B Alberto Callaspo to Los Angeles Angels for RHP Sean O'Sullivan and LHP Will Smith.
I loved Bert when he was here.  Irrational thought for sure.
07/23/10 Kansas City Royals recalled RF Alex Gordon from Omaha Royals.
07/23/10 Kansas City Royals placed RF David DeJesus on the 15-Day disabled list. torn ulnar collateral ligament in right thumb
This Royally sucked. Seven days from the trading deadline and we lose our only major trading chip.
07/23/10 Kansas City Royals designated RHP Anthony Lerew for assignment.
07/28/10 Kansas City Royals optioned RHP Victor Marte to Omaha Royals.
07/28/10 Kansas City Royals recalled RHP Bryan Bullington from Omaha Royals.
07/28/10 Kansas City Royals outrighted RHP Anthony Lerew to Omaha Royals.
07/29/10 Kansas City Royals traded LF Scott Podsednik to Los Angeles Dodgers; Los Angeles Dodgers traded C Lucas May to and Great Lakes Loons traded RHP Elisaul Pimentel to Burlington Bees.
We actually got some semi-warm bodies for Pods.
07/29/10 Kansas City Royals optioned C Lucas May to Omaha Royals.
07/29/10 Kansas City Royals called up RHP Greg Holland from Omaha Royals.
The bullpen carousel just continues to go around.
07/31/10 Kansas City Royals traded CF Rick Ankiel and RHP Kyle Farnsworth to Atlanta Braves; Mississippi Braves traded LHP Tim Collins to Omaha Royals and Atlanta Braves traded CF Gregor Blanco and RHP Jesse Chavez to Kansas City Royals.
This just ruled and we look to have gotten a couple of serviceable players that are much cheaper than the players we sent.


08/01/10 Kansas City Royals placed RHP Robinson Tejeda on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to July 30, 2010. right biceps tendon strain
He heads on the DL after finally getting his season turned around
08/01/10 Kansas City Royals recalled 1B Kila Ka'aihue from Omaha Royals.
Finally called up for real
08/02/10 Kansas City Royals traded C Jeff Howell to Minnesota Twins.
08/05/10 Kansas City Royals designated Jose Guillen for assignment.
And there was much rejoicing.
08/05/10 Kansas City Royals called up Philip Humber from Omaha Royals.
Phil may actually become a useful member of the pen.
08/13/10 Kansas City Royals traded LF Jose Guillen to San Francisco Giants.
And there was more rejoicing
08/18/10 Kansas City Royals placed RHP Brian Bannister on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to August 8, 2010. Right rotator cuff tendinitis.
I always liked Brian, but he just can not pitch good enough to justify a ML job. He seems to walk as many batters as he strikeouts. He was alwas trying new stuff with horrible results.
08/18/10 Kansas City Royals recalled Jai Miller from Omaha Royals.
I could have done without see Jai and strikeouts in the majors.
08/29/10 Kansas City Royals placed RHP Kanekoa Texeira on the 15-Day disabled list retroactive to August 28, 2010. right elbow strain
08/29/10 Kansas City Royals activated RHP Robinson Tejeda from the 15-Day disabled list.


09/01/10 Kansas City Royals recalled Lucas May from Omaha Royals.
Great, 3 catchers on the major league team.
09/01/10 Kansas City Royals activated 3B Josh Fields from the 60-Day disabled list.
He is alive
09/01/10 Kansas City Royals activated RHP Gil Meche from the 60-Day disabled list.
The 12 million dollar setup man
09/01/10 Kansas City Royals transferred RHP Luke Hochevar from the 15-Day disabled list to the 60-Day disabled list.
09/01/10 Kansas City Royals transferred RF David DeJesus from the 15-Day disabled list to the 60-Day disabled list.
09/03/10 Kansas City Royals activated RHP Brian Bannister from the 15-Day disabled list.
09/03/10 Kansas City Royals activated RHP Luke Hochevar from the 60-Day disabled list.
09/03/10 Kansas City Royals placed C Jason Kendall on the 60-Day disabled list. Right shoulder surgery.
This injury scares the the hell out of me. The team could not notice Jason could not throw for over a month.
09/06/10 Kansas City Royals recalled Jarrod Dyson from Omaha Royals.
09/10/10 Kansas City Royals signed free agent OF Pat White.
Football season is just around the corner
09/13/10 Kansas City Royals traded RF Willie Bloomquist to Cincinnati Reds for .
Sounds good
09/24/10 Kansas City Royals activated RHP Kanekoa Texeira from the 15-Day disabled list.