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Hitting and Fielding WAR Totals By World Series Winners

Last night while hosting the Fangraphs chat session, it was brought up that the Giants may be the wost offensive team to win the World Series. Using rWAR, the Giants have a total of 19.6 WAR this season. The search went out to find the worst collection of position players for a World Series winner and I will let the results speak for themselves.

The data is the entire position player WAR ever since there were 162 games and I discarded any year that was shortened.

Rank Year Team rWAR
1 1998 New York Yankees 42.8
2 1973 Oakland Athletics 40.4
3 1975 Cincinnati Reds 39.4
4 2002 Anaheim Angels 38.5
5 1961 New York Yankees 37.9

42 1987 Minnesota Twins 18.5
43 2005 Chicago White Sox 15.6
44 1996 New York Yankees 14.7
45 1990 Cincinnati Reds 14.2
46 1985 Kansas City Royals 8.9

Only 8.9 WAR. Heck George Brett had 8.0 WAR by himself. To put into prospective, this season the Royals had almost twice as much WAR generated from its position players with 17.2 WAR. 322 individual players have generated more WAR in a season than all the hitters on the team that year. All I can say is thank God that the Royals had a decent pitching staff that season.