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Royals Lose On Season's Final Day, Finish 67-95

The Royals finished the season with just 67 wins, albeit a two-win improvement over last season's 65. The high-water mark of the Dayton Moore Era remains 2008, when the Royals won 75 games. For the first time since 2007, the Royals will finish last in the AL Central.

Odd game today. Sean O`Sullivan, Tejeda, and Meche held the Rays scoreless for eight innings, allowing only three hits total. For the first time in months, Soria couldn't protect the lead in the 9th, and the Royals eventually lost in extra innings. In twelve innings, the offense could only mange six hits and four walks. The first extra-base hit, a double by Blanco, came with two outs in the 12th. Gordon did HR.

In other news, thanks to two walks today, Kila caught and passed Yuni for walks on the season, 24 to 23.