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What Should and What Will the Royals Do with Their Arbitration Eligible Players?

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Note to those that have already voted. I missed Josh Fields and Luke Hochevar and have added them to the bottom of the list. Feel free to go back and vote again just for these 2 players if you wish. Sorry for the confusion. -Jeff

Soon the Royals will have to decide if they are going to offer arbitration to several players. From what I can tell, these are the Royals that will up heading to arbitration this off season.

Last First Position Years of Service 2010 Salary (Millions)
Anderson Brian rhp 3.1 0.70
Bannister Brian rhp 4.2 2.30
Betemit Wilson 3b 5.0 0.40
Butler Billy 1b 3.1 0.47
Davies Kyle rhp 5.0 1.80
Gordon Alex 3b 3+ 1.15
Pena Brayan c 3.1 0.43
Tejeda Robinson rhp 4.1 0.95
Josh Fields 3b 2.2 0.42
Luke Hochevar rhp 2.2 1.76

I am not 100% versed in the subject of contracts, so if any of this information is incorrect please let me know. Also, if anyone has an idea of approximate, idea of how much each player would be awarded, let me know and I will add the information.

So after the after the jump, I will ask IF and WILL the Royals offer arbitration. I will post the results in a couple of days.

If you need any additional information before making your decision, please ask in the comments.