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Ex-Royals in the 2010 Postseason

All right the Royals season is over, but for a few ex-Royals, the season continues. The following is a list of players that have played for the Royals and may be on the teams post season roster. I included some memories I had of the players.


Philadelphia Phillies

Raul Ibanez – I am not sure why the Royals didn' t make more of an effort to keep him. He only signed a 3 year $13.25 million deal with Seattle.

Ross Gload – I thought Ross Gload would make a nice bench player when we acquired him. Too bad he got 169 starts at 1B in his two seasons with the Royals.

Mike Sweeney – He was such an stud for the Royals until he hurt is back. If he had stayed healthy, he would have been considered one of the all time Royal greats. Even with the time missed, he is the following on the Royal leader boards:

  • 2nd Home Runs, OPS
  • 4th Batting Average
  • 5th RBIs
  • 6th Games, Runs Scored, Hits
  • 7th Position WAR

Chad Durbin – All I remember of Chad, was that he was giving the Royals some really decent starts until this 137 pitch complete game. It was all down hill for him as a Royal after that outing. I had high hopes for him and I am glad at least he is back pitching with some success.

Cincinnati Reds

Honorable Mention (ineligible for post season play) Willie Bloomquist – Bench player that some how Hillman and Yost found a way to start 145 games in less than 2 seasons. He started a game at every position but catcher and first base (even though he played 5 games at 1B).


Atlanta Braves

Rick Ankiel – Best left handed pitcher on the 2010 opening day roster.

Matt Diaz – The Royals traded Matt to the Braves in December 2005 for Ricardo Rodriguez Matt Diaz has accumulated 0.7 WAR in five seasons with Atlanta. Ricardo Rodriguez pitched a total of 3.1 innings at High Desert in 2006. Could this trade marked the beginning of the Atlanta connection?

Kyle Farnsworth – I was thinking back and now I feel even more pissed about the 8 million spent on Kyle on his two years here. That is right two freaking years and I don't remember one decent fight he got into on the field. There was the time his own dogs got the best of him, but that doesn't count. Not one on the field beat down of an opponent in a Royals uniform. Exactly why did we signed him again?


San Francisco Giants

Jose Guillen – All Jose hit was home runs.  Forty-five of them as a Royal. The amount tied him for 26th all time with the following players: Lou Piniella, Mark Quinn, Al Cowens and Angel Berroa.

Jeremy Affeldt – The two memories I have about Jeremy are:


  • That darn blister that always kept him from pitching.
  • In 2003 Tony Pena Sr. flipped a coin to see who would be the opening day starter and Jeremy lost to Runelvys "Fat Elvis" Hernandez.


Todd Wellemeyer – I know he pitched good in one season in St. Louis, but I have no idea why he is still in the league. He is not a very good major league pitcher.

Ramon Ramirez – I miss Ram Ram. He has been lights out with the Giants so far having a 0.68 ERA. I am not sure how he is doing so good because his K/BB is at 1.27 in San Fancisco, a career worst.

Denny Bautista – He started 19 games for the Royals in the 3 seasons he was with them (2004-2006) and I don't remember one. I guess the 5.95 ERA was not very memorable.


Minnesota Twins

Ron Mahay – Remember when he pitched that great 1st half of the season in 2008? Remember that? I guessed not. He pretty much sucked otherwise.


Texas Rangers

Esteban German – One of many utility journey men to make his way through Kansas City. Some how in 2006 he put up a 0.880 OPS in 106 games. Only Wilson Betemit has a higher OPS this season for the Royals. Too bad he could find a way to stick around.

Andres Blanco – I had no idea he was still around. Here is what he has been doing since he filed for minor league free agency in November 2007.

  • Jan 15 2008 - Signed with the Cubs
  • 2008 and 2009 = Played for the Cub's AAA team in Iowa
  • March 27, 2010 – Traded from the Cubs to the Rangers for cash or a PTBNL

So now you know.


New York Yankees



Tampa Bay Rays