Poem of the Day: Jose Canseco's Twitter Page

This is based exclusively on content provided by former MLB player Jose Canseco.


i need an attorney pro bono
my lanlord evicted me
and would not let me take my chandeleers with me
need your help to get them back

east bound and out is based on my life
i wish the producers would contact me
i'm doing a porn next week
i am hung like a clydesdale
we'll bring a donkey to it's knees baby

if i were a politician things would be different
honor and truth would reign supreme
haters will always lie
why can't you believe
that I no longer need or use steroids

you won't even know when your dead
its like never living
same ass before you where ever born
i am so glad everyone out there has a perfect life
maybe putting me down makes you feel better
glad i can help

i am going to be a manager of a mlb team someday
i want to teach you guys how to hit a baseball or softball
500 feet without the use of steroids
what don't you guys get
I don't use any roids

guys don’t be jealous
cause I am tall dark and handsome
and just turned 46
and have a gorgeous 23 year old girlfriend
not to mention that
i am sleeping in someones garage
but its pretty good

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