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Results of 2011 Royals Arbitration Poll

With over 200 votes in, I will go ahead show the results of the poll:

Should the Royals offer Arbitration
Will the Royals offer Arbitration
Timestamp Yes No Yes No
Locks to Stay

Billy Butler 100% 0% 99% 1%
Luke Hochevar 95% 5% 98% 2%
Some Doubt, but Staying

Wilson Betemit 90% 10% 91% 9%
Alex Gordon 87% 13% 93% 7%
Robinson Tejeda 89% 11% 94% 6%
Good Chance to be Gone

Brian Anderson 17% 83% 29% 71%
Brian Bannister 13% 87% 25% 75%
Conflict Picks

Josh Fields 39% 61% 69% 31%
Brayan Pena 89% 11% 70% 30%
Kyle Davies 57% 43% 87% 13%


  1. Looks like everyone wants and thinks the Royals will keep Luke and Billy.  Duh.
  2. About 10% of the voters think that Alex Gordon, Wilson Betemit and and Robinson Tejeda will not be around.  The "should" votes are a little less the "will" votes, so it looks like some of us here would not mind cutting ties with them.
  3. Most voters think Brian Anderson and "Brain" Bannister should and will be released.  It does seem though that not everyone has faith that The Process will cut ties with them.
  4. Most think Josh Fields should be released, but Dayton will keep him around.  I will just defer to this discussion for now on this subject.
  5. Most people would like to keep Pena around, but wouldn't be surprised if the Royals released him.
  6. Some fans would love to see Davies let go, but figure he will be around at least one more year.