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Pitch Selection by Count by Royals Starters

Some other writers have done good work on pitch selection (here and here).  I will not do anything that nice, but I will at least make the numbers know for all the 2010 starters (I will do Meche with the relievers) and the possible ones for 2011.  The counts are listed from the most pitcher friendly to the most hitter friendly.  I will put out all the graphs and then have my conclusions at the end (key at the end of images)









Pitch Types Key

FA Fastball

FF 4-seam Fastball

FT 2-seam Fastball

FC Cut Fastball

FS Split-finger Fastball

SI Sinker

SL Slider

CU Curveball

KC Knuckle Curve

EP Ephuus

CH Change-up

SC Screwball

KN Knuckleball

UN Unknown





  • Once Greinke gets 2 strikes on a player, look out for the slider, even if the count is 3-2.
  • Bruce Chen threw a ton of junk (6 different pitches).
  • Davies loves his fastball
  •  Mazzaro only has three pitches.


Those are the only points I can think of for now, I will look some more and see what sticks out.