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Aaron Crow Rumored To Be Dating Ke$ha (Or Kesha Is Dating Crow If You Prefer)

Are you curious about who Ke$ha is dating? Are you wondering if Ke$ha has a boyfriend? She might be dating Royals minor leaguer Aaron Crow. Crow was the 12th pick overall in the 2009 draft. Kesha might be dating him. Kesha is Ke$ha.

So apparently the guys on the Royals Corner forums found/broke this. Crow's wikipedia page states:

Crow is rumored to be dating Kesha, an up-and-coming pop starlet. The two were recently spotted at a VMA after party together in New York.

I love that Ke$ha is described as "up-and-coming." Shouldn't that be, "will be out of favor in eighteen months"?

Crow is a very handsome man, will almost certainly have a Major League career, and has a couple million dollars to his name. Ke$ha is Ke$ha.

So what direction do we go with our Luke Hochevar joke here? Hochevar, like Crow, is an underwhelming former high draft pick who failed to sign with his first team and pitched for the Fort Worth Cats. Crow did all that too.

Did Ke$ha date Hochevar three years ago? Did Hochevar date the semi-starlet of the moment in 2007? Let's work this one out. My initial suggestion: Luke Hochevar once dated Fergie. Like Fergie, Ke$ha is someone whose name I heard mentioned in the background for months, before knowing who they were. I also, initially, thought they were of a different race. Anyway.

Sure, Royals fans have been a little underwhelmed by Crow so far. But now he's Aaron ¢row.