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An Open Letter to David Glass: Vote for Marvin Miller for the Hall of Fame

Mr Glass,

By December 6th this year, as a member of the 2010 Veterans committee, you will be required to submit a ballot for the best Executives and Pioneers in baseball. I would be extremely disappointed if you did not vote for Marvin Miller for the Hall of Fame. Mr. Miller, along with the players, changed Major League Baseball when they brought upon changes to the labor rules. It can be debated about whether these changes were for the good or bad, but they happened and baseball has not been the same.

It is obvious that George Steinbrenner will get quite a bit of consideration for the Hall of Fame considering his accomplishments while owning the Yankees. There is no doubt in my mind the Mr. Steinbrenner will be in the Hall of Fame soon, BUT the Steinbrenner way of buying the best available free agents to surround the Yankees home grown talent would not have been possible without the Reserve Clause being taken down with the help of Miller.

Baseball in Kansas City has always been quick to accept new and innovative ideas such as embracing Negro League baseball history. I hope you continue this open minded tradition, make the right decision and vote to have Marvin Miller included in the 2010 Baseball Hall of Fame class. Thanks for your time.

A fan of the Royals and baseball,

Jeff Zimmerman