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In Signing With Phillies Cliff Lee Destroys His Legacy

In choosing the easy way out by signing with Philadelphia, Cliff Lee's quest for a World Series ring has suddenly become hollow. Pedro Martinez would not have done this. Doc Gooden would not have done this. Sandy Koufax would not have done this. Those guys, were real men. They would not have wanted to pitch with Roy Halladay. They would have wanted to beat him.

To be truly great, you have to win with your own team. In taking the sidekick route, Cliff Lee revealed that he isn't serious about working. When the going got tough, Cliff Lee ran away.

His legacy is forever destroyed. Instead of sticking it out and winning a championship for the people of Texas, Lee checked out. To make matters worse, he's from Arkansas, which is basically the same thing. Such a bitter Lee-trayal.

I blame today's hip-hop AAU culture. These kids today... they're all friends. They become "boys" (that's what they call it) when they are 12 and it's all a game to them. It's terrible. Things were better when guys only ran into each other at the paternity tests. When I look at today's sports world. I'm sickened. The greatest moment of my childhood was when [insert name] did [insert insane thing]. That was the spectacle of human greatness instantiated.

Don't blame Cliff Lee though. He really doesn't know what he's doing. He's surrounded by a team of yes men that are telling him we'll all praise him.

How wrong they are.

Instead of choosing to be truly great, instead of choosing to be the man, Cliff Lee revealed himself to be a little punk. Instead of .... blah blah blah something phallic and psycho-sexual he blah blah blah something considered feminine.