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Baseball Winter Meetings Day One Thread: Zack Greinke Rumors Swirl

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Zack Greinke remains one of the major off-season stories, and as the Winter Meetings Open in Orlando, the Royals Ace still hasn't been traded.

To my surprise, the hottest rumors of the moment involve trades to either Toronto or Milwaukee. Umm, ok?

As noted earlier this winter, there seems to be a certain inexorable drum beat to the Greinke rumors, though it isn't terribly clear to me that trading him is necessarily a great idea. The idea that Moore would trade Greinke before the Cliff Lee sweepstakes shakes out also seems odd, but then again, this is Dayton Moore we're talking about. In season, the moves never come fast enough, off season, there's never any wait. So we'll see.

Please post relevant rumors, breaking news, tweets of note, for all of us here. I'll do the same. It looks like this might be a fun few days.