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MLB Winter Meetings Day Three: Zack Greinke Rumors Continue, Jeff Francoeur Talk Slows Down, Michael Young Reportedly Shopped

Here's the short version of what happened on Tuesday:

  • The Greinke rumors continued, but with an unclear direction. Early in the day, the buzz/leaked comments were all about nothing happening and the Royals generally asking too much. (Or however you want to interpret that.) There was also a new wave of "no way he wants to come to the East Coast" talk. Then, later in the day, that shifted to word of continued talks and more possibilities.
  • The Francoeur talk went nowhere, in terms of the Royals. I know this is going to be dead wrong, but I'm starting to think that, from Francoeur's end, he really had/has little desire to come to KC. It might also be possible that the Royals like Francoeur at a certain price point, but not at what is currently presumed to be out there. Or, it's still 90% that he's coming to KC, and Francoeur's agent has been adept at spreading the word that multiple teams like him. Then again, I bet Ruben Amaro does want him.
  • And since we're required to have an eye on the Rangers at all times, the web was aflutter as the sun start to drop that Texas was shopping Michael Young. I'd make a joke that the only team that would want Young in a trade would be the Royals or the Phillies, but that would just be piling on.

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