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A Quick Nathan Adcock Primer

Given that we live in the new age of baseball pun headlines, this is a fun one. Well, if it was also a world without editors.

What do we know about Nathan Adcock? Well...

  • He will be 23 next season. He throws the ball as his primary occupation.
  • He is from Kentucky, Elizabethtown to be exact. Someday, he will return home, somewhat depressed. A woman will throw herself at him, and this will make him realize, "hey, life's worth living." As music plays...
  • His middle name is Masler. This will be a popular first name for girls at some point, because that is what we do now. Maysler and Macsler and Mnasler will be popular alternate spellings.
  • He was part of the Jack Wilson/Ian Snell trade, so Mariner and Pirate blogs have written about him. This is helpful in knowing about him.
  • Baseball America ranked him as the #24 prospect in the Seattle system in 2009. They also listed him as having the best "game face" and the "most ready-made pickup line in bars". But you knew that.
  • Adcock was a Bavasi-Era Mariner. Nuff said.
  • He's never really had truly good numbers. He struck out some dudes in 2008 (9.5 K/9) but hasn't sustained that. He's walked people and he is a little homer prone and he gives up hits.
  • He's a big Adcock out there on the... pitching hill. This means he is endowed with what the plus-speaking types call a "projectable frame." If you are given a projectable frame, you will get opportunities. I've got the brains, you've got the frame, let's make lots of money.
  • One writeup today mentioned him as a possible starter for 2011, which seems laughably improbable.
  • He's a guy, that's been around, that is now, a Royal, for some amount of time.

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