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Wednesday Royals Links: Sickels Loses His Verve, Royal Reflections Considers Shutting Down, Roster Talk

About a month ago the laptop that I'd used for 90% the Royals Review era started dying, descending into a messy period of extreme instability. After about a week of panic, I was able to move all of my work that matters to other venues, so it really wasn't that big of a deal. While a dying Dell didn't destroy my dissertation, it did make me much less inclined to do links posts, since I lost all my old bookmarks and the little link saving program that SB Nation developed.

Anyway, three people said they want the links posts back. So we're back.


  • The Royal Tower: Anthony Lerew and the rotation
  • Royalscentricity: Juan Cruz, What Happened?
  • Look For Some Answers - Royals Authority
  • Royal Reflections: Change of Focus
  • Baseball:

    Grab Bag: