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Sunday Morning Royals Links: Sample, Arguelles, Osuna, and Disengaged Germany


  • 14 for 77: Prospect Make or Break Time
  • Royals Prospects " Draft profile LHP Chris Sale
  • Royals Prospects " Prospect #35 Edgar Osuna
  • Royals Junkie: Can the Royals Luke Hochevar Finally Live Up to Expectations in 2010
  • Is a Healthy Jose Guillen Just a Fly In The Ointment? -Royals Authority
  • Royals Kingdom: Royals 2010 Wild Cards- No. 5 Gil Meche
  • The Royal Tower: Things I Think I Think
  • The State of the Minor Leagues in Year Five of Dayton Moore's Leadership - Royals Review
  • Rany on the Royals: Reboot.
  • Blogging Shape and Flying Wieners


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