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Hillariously Stupid Stat Categories For Fantasy Baseball

So because of this Fantasy tie-in thing, I've been looking at how to setup the RR league. If you wanted to, you could basically setup the stupidest league ever. Hmm, lets have a 5X5 league with balks, wild pitches, pickoffs, pitch count and... wins (more or less fits) for the pitching stats and catcher interference, pickoffs, errors, triple plays turned and left on base for the hitting stats.

My personal favorite leads me to believe Dayton may have prepped for his Jim Bowden interview by looking at fantasy stats. (I don't even know if I'm joking.) Check out this bad boy:

Runs Produced: R + RBI - HR

Seriously, what the hell is that? I can sorta see combining runs and RBI, to some extremely limited extent (you want a solid playing time/counting stat component to a head to head league), but what is the thought process behind taking out the home runs? Its almost as if the goal is to isolate the RBIs that have as little to do with the guy who gets them as possible. We don't want someone getting those "cheap" HR-based RBIs, nah, lets focus on the sac flies.



Don't worry, there's also a version of that "runs produced" stat per AB.

There's also a straight RBI-HRs stat, if you don't want to worry about the runs.

In addition to all manner of weird combo stats like "runs produced" CBS offers a number of stats that so rarely happen, you might as well just say "for three weeks this season, the Commisioner will randomly decide your result".

What commish is having "perfect games" as a category? Imagine a roto league that actually has that category, even if you actually have a dude throw a perfect game, you won't even gain that much, because every other team is going to be tied for second.

However, perfect games will make Sundays more interesting in head-to-head leagues. "Well, if I can get a big HRs and SBs day today, and Gil Meche throws a perfect game I'm right there."