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RR League on Update: Who Is Playing

The response I got regarding the RR Fantasy League (I'm getting to run a premium league for free) was pretty overwhelming. To those of you who emailed me just a few minutes late, I'm sorry that you weren't able to snag a spot. I was also going to have my wife make a rare foray into the RR universe, but I couldn't justify it when I had to turn away so many anyway.

(Just a reminder, if you want to setup your own premium league, you can do so for half off by clicking this link. Why should you consider The league is entirely customizable, offers live scoring, live support, live league chat, etc. You can even invent your own categories, such as "Bucks" which are catchers interference+steals. Anyway, through RR, you can get half off for your own league.)

So who is playing?

Here's who I got from my extensive notes: Matt Klassen (nee devil_fingers), Old Man Duggan, nwroyal, midtnroyalsfan, khazad, nyroyal, marbotty, AxMxDx, royalpug, kcbottom9th, billexgordler, and a few other guys who haven't revealed their SNs yet and or I've lost in my notes.

The excitement is building.







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