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Pictures and Comments from Spring Training 3/12 and 3/13

Yesterday, I planned on meeting up with several Fangraphs writers.  I will be covering injuries for them this season on both the main and fantasy side.  I wish I could have seen more of Royals yesterday, but I figure it is always good to meet the boss.

When driving through northen New Mexico and Arizona you find the craziest things.  I wonder if Dan Cortez hung out here while up dating his Facebook account:


We went to the Royal's practice fields before heading to Rangers - Indians game to meet of DF.  The minor leaguers were having fielding instruction in the photos. 



The rest of players at the minor league field instruction.


Drive by shot of Zack's Chipolte near the Surprise complex

Rangers - Indians.  Smoak is the one standing with his hands on his hipsRi2_medium

Met up with the famous Fangraphs author Matt Klaussen.  His fingers looked just fine.  I think he has some pictures to add as well


Wille Bloomquist sighting at the ASU-Auburn game.  Image seems small.  Bottom row, second from the left.


I got some field passes for the A's - Royals game today, so hopefully a more Royals centric post tomorrow.