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Pictures and Comments from Spring Training 3/14

Today I actually got to go see the Royals play and it was pretty bad.  Well let's just start with what was good in my eyes:

  1. Dyson was impressive in center.  He ran two balls down that I was for sure would drop for at least doubles.
  2. Tejeda had control today and it showed with his results.  If he can throw strikes, he should end up starting.
  3. Aviles made a great play at 2nd, catch and throw.
Now about what was bad.
  1. Podsednik miss played a ball bad, took 2-3 steps in and then had to run back and barely missed it.  No error given, but he messed up bad.
  2. Davies was horrible.  Walk 3 people, all scored.  The defense behind him was bad, but these three runs were all on his shoulders.
  3. Yuni has no range at all.  Two balls went by him just a couple of steps away.  Once he did get to one, he made a horrible throw to 2nd.  He is fatter than Billy.   He is carrying around a good extra 20 lbs.
  4. Yuni has no plate discipline.  2-0 count and he swings at a ball at his ankles and hits a dribbler back to the pitcher.  I can see why the pitcher threw 2 balls previously, eventually Yuni is going to swing at one.
  5. DeJesus in RF is going to be ugly, he has such a noodle from an arm.  It's not as bad as Damon's, but getting there.
  6. I had to look this up after seeing the double steal and one more by the A's.  Royals 5SB/5CS  Opponents: 13SB/0CS.   I have an idea what some catcher should be working on the rest of spring training.
Well, I am off to watch practice and hopefully a minor league game today and have my tickets for Greinke - Buehrle tonight.  Here are some pictures from yesterday.

I had field pass for the game, but it was just at the end of BP for the Royals.  Billy is actually able to hide behind someone.



Myself and my brother enjoying the sun.


Kila at first and Aviles at first.  I was wanting to get a picture of how fat Yuni is now.  I will try for one tomorrow.


Fan watching was great.  Gotta love flames on your sunglasses.  I think my son may like a pair of those.


There was plenty of eye candy also.  WARNING - THIS DOES NOT MARK THE END OF THE THREAD


Also, gotta love Surprise where you can take your golf cart to Safeway.