Out of Options Players From Around the Majors

As mentioned in the recent Davies thread, the Royals should keep an eye on other teams' players who are out of options, as they may become available in trade or on waivers before final rosters are due before opening day.

Here is a list compiled by, which I think has been previously linked. These are players who are out of options and with less than 5 years service time. Obviously, not all of these players are in any risk of being waived or otherwise becoming available (sorry Scott Baker fans), but there are a handful of interesting names that might become available cheaply or for free. One common scenario is when teams trade for each other's out of options players (such as Jorge de la Rosa for Ramon Ramirez de facto trade), so if the Royals decide to trade Davies or one of the other out of option Royals, these might be some of the trade candidates.

After the jump are some, but not all, of the interesting out of options players with some possibility of becoming available.

In the other thread, Matt mentioned the A's DH Jake Fox, who probably lost his job at DH when the A's resigned Jack Cust. Fox is basically a slightly better Josh Fields, a low average righty masher without a real defensive position, although Fox has some experience at catcher. The A's might want to keep him as a platoon partner for Cust/right-handed pinch hitter/emergency catcher, but he might get caught in a numbers game.

A's 2B/OF Eric Patterson -- speed guy with good minor league numbers but only so-so defense. He would need some combination of his bat and defense improving enough to make it as a regular.

Blue Jays LHP Brian Tallet -- great changeup makes him effective against righties. He might end up a decent 4th starter.

Brewers C George Kottaras -- decent bat but questionable defense. He is likely a backup long term. He probably makes the Brewers as their backup, but might become expendable.

Giants OF Fred Lewis -- DDJ lite. He is not quite as good as DDJ with the bat or in the field, but basically same skillset. He might be stretched in CF, but would be above average defensively in a corner.

Indians 1B/3B Andy Marte -- obligatory mention. Marte was a huge prospect bust but has shown life in minors.

Indians RHP Mitch Talbot -- former Rays prospect coming back from injuries. He might be decent bullpen arm with outside shot at starting.

Padres RHP Sean Gallagher -- former Cubs prospect who has never put it together in the majors despite great numbers in the minors. CHONE still believes in him with a projected 3.91 FIP albeit in Petco.

former Royals Review white whale Reds OF Wladimir Balentien -- remember him? He is another low-average right-handed masher who can actually play the corner outfield.

None of these players are sure bets by any means, but they would be preferable to once again playing veteran retreads in another lost season.

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