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Mitch Maier is Having a Nice Spring

Don't read any indignation into this post, because it really isn't there. Yes, I've been firmly Team Maier as we might call it now in our post-Twilight universe, from the beginning, and yes, I haven't enjoyed watching the Royals go out of their way to bring in alternatives, none of whom are much better.

(No matter how you parse it, it always comes back to Pods just being absolutely entirely unnecessary and useless. I can see an argument for taking a flier on Ankiel, and maybe Anderson is AAAA CF depth, but Pods is just older and worse and more expensive.)

Really though, I've moved on. Intellectually, the whole situation annoys me (St. Willie as the non-hitting, non-fielding 4th OF is a perfect touch) but emotionally, I'm passed it.

So all I want to say right now is that Mitch is having a nice spring. These stats don't mean much, probably, but it is a correct statement to say, "Mitch is having a nice spring." He's put together 40 good plate appearances, hitting .389/.436/.694.

Of course, damn near everyone is having a nice spring training at the plate. Bloomquist has posted a classic St. Willie line of .556/.579/.611, the kind of line that gets you on the All-Star team in 9-10 year old Little League.

Nevertheless, Mitch has had a good couple of weeks now.