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For Royals, Questions Remain as Spring Training Winds Down

What is going on with the Royals? I feel like I've been watching a movie, only I've just realized that I must have fallen asleep at some point earlier. Am I missing something? Instead of using the waning days of Spring Training to indulge in a mostly meaningless discussion of who gets to be the 25th man, major questions remain about who is going to play, and where, when the club heads north.

  • Third Base: We already know that Alex Gordon won't be there, but now it looks like Alberto Callaspo might be out with an injury as well. Reportedly, the Royals are looking at Fields, Aviles and Bloomquist as the replacement.
  • The Outfield: Did I miss a story somewhere? DeJesus is a lock, and after that, we've got... Ankiel in centerfield, assuming he's healthy. Have the Royals said anything definitive about Guillen? Pods?
  • The Rotation: I guess Meche is fine now? So what's going on after Meche and Greinke? Farnsworth is still starting games, it's starting to get a little late for that sort of thing, no? Tejeda out? Davies?

Seriously less talented Royals teams have had things much more sorted out by now. Or so it seems.