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We've had a RR league for a few years here and its been fun. It's also a keeper league and openings are rare. For that reason, I feel comfortable announcing this...

SB Nation and have partnered up this spring, just in time for the latest fantasy baseball season. The long and short of the deal is this: I am starting a league and if you want to start your own league, with your own friends, you can get half off if you do so through Royals Review, specifically, through clicking this link. The deal is full-blown fantasy, for half-price. Also, if you do it through that link, I'll get a small kickback.

If you want to be in my league, email me (royalsnightly at yahoo). There is no cost to be in my league. You just have to take the time to setup an account on Not sure on the specifics of my league yet, but it will be saber friendly. I've never been in a fancy paid league, so this should be interesting. Plus, I'm terrible at this stuff, so people that hate me... get in on this. So that's for my league. If you want to start your own, composed of all your former in-laws or twins or former Royals or guys you did time with or whatever, then click this link.

So why should you consider Fantasy Baseball?



  • This product won 8 out of 9 Fantasy Sports Trade Association Awards for "Best Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League Management Product
  • You can customize entire league the way you want...rules, scores, teams + more
  • There is LIVE scoring & stats so you can follow along as your teams rack up points
  • Keeper league capability to carry on the tradition for many seasons to come
  • Expert analysis provides up-to-date information on all players & teams
  • Live chat/league messenger to trash talk with your competition
  • 14-Day Free Trial included

So, if you want to be in the RR league, let me know. First come first serve. I have it set for 20 teams right now, and I'm going to use saber-informed stats and some needlessly complicated divisional setup. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation baseball communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Baseball Commissioner League.