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So Far, Royals Doing A Good Job Limiting Their Exposure to Bloomquist

On Opening Day, as Willie Bloomquist played a full game as the third baseman, I got the idea of starting a Bloomquist PA tracker. Limiting Bloomquist's offensive playing time should be an unofficial goal for 2010, given that, for all of his positional flexibility and speed, Bloomquist simply cannot hit.

While I still don't understand what the Royals were trying to do with Mike Aviles (other than maybe rewarding him with a week of Big League per diems and prorated salary) it is starting to look like the Royals have begun a more healthy relationship with Willie. Since those four plate appearances on Opening Day, Willie hasn't stepped into the batter's box a once. He's made two appearances as a pinch runner in game-winning rallies, and he's been a late game sub at shortstop. And that's it.

Through seven games, Willie has four plate appearances. Progress.

With the Royals carrying a short three man bench, and one of the men being the backup catcher, Trey Hillman only has Mitch Maier and Bloomquist at his disposal for in game moves. And it is in this environment that Bloomquist actually has value, as he can play in the infield competently should someone get hurt.

Of course, it's early and it should be said, Hillman isn't playing his bench guys really at all. Mitch Maier has one start and one inning as a defensive replacement under his belt. Remarkably, Brayan Pena has appeared in one game, batting once and playing three innings of defense.

For now, however, less Willie is a small victory.