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Um, What? Jose Guillen Tells KC Star He 'Almost Died' Last Year

Never a day off on the Royals beat. Man, this team is weird. And you thought you'd heard the last strange story about Royal injuries in 2009.

This afternoon Bob Dutton broke this bizarre story regarding Jose Guillen.


"I almost died last year from blood clots in my legs," he said. "Both of my legs. I had to stay in St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City for 20 days (in the offseason) just lying in bed.

"My legs were so big, so swollen up. They were purple. I couldn’t even walk on them. I couldn’t feel my legs. That was right after my ankle surgery and the surgery on my lower back.

"I went to the hospital, and I was crying because I couldn’t feel my leg. I was thinking, ‘What’s going on here?’

Um... what?

Guillen goes on to say that his weight dropped down to 180 pounds and he had trouble walking. Of course, the story includes lots of typical Guillen bravado about how he's back and he's healthy and that means he's going to be his old awesome self again. So I guess everything is back to normal.