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Royals Drop Close One To Twins

Strange game. At one point the Royals trailed 5-2 and it looked like a blowout was coming. Somehow Meche held it together for a few more innings, and the Royals rallied to tie it. Then, the bullpen allowed a Twin run (Hudson HR) immediately, but it really could have been worse. I don't know how the Twins didn't score eight or nine runs today.

The Royals had a mini-rally in the 9th, but DeJesus took a close called strike to end the game. Damn those Twins.

  • Ankiel had two homers. Cool.
  • Every Royal had a hit today (including Bloomquist) save Billy Butler. They even drew three walks.
  • Pods getting picked off in the 5th was freaking horrible. The Royals had just tied the game, and Blackburn appeared to have nothing out there. After all, he'd just allowed a rally at the hands of the bottom of the Royal lineup. Instead of having a man on first with one out, Pods cleared the bases with two. Just terrible.
  • This was an old school laborious start for Meche. He went 6 innings, scattered 7 hits, walked 4, and allowed merely 5 runs. It really could have been worse.
  • Nice walk in the 9th for Gordon.
  • Seriously, another Kendall start? I guess none of this really matters, but it's almost getting comical at this point.