Royals Looking at Farnsworth to play the Hot Corner


By Jackie Ballgame Kaegel

With Gordon, Callaspo, and Fields on the mend, the Royals are thinking outside the box and considering using Kyle Farnsworth as their third sacker on opening day.  Farnsworth, who has been hot dogging it from the pitcher’s rubber as a flame-throwing starter all Spring, has been turning heads (your head turns skyward every time he throws a fastball). 

“Well, he’s certainly got the arm to zip that ball across the diamond,” said manager Trey Hillman, squinting his mystical, Lone Ranger eyes in thought.  “We’ll see how he takes grounders, but can you imagine a better arm at third base?  I can’t.” 

Farnsy took a few hacks in the batting cage on Friday and showed a tendency to be aggressive, which is not surprising for a guy who owns a couple of pit bulls who nearly gnawed his arm off last season.   

“He does swing at everything,” Hillman said, “but that’s one of the things we like about him.  We’re gonna let him cut loose, we don’t want to try and tame that aggression.”

If Farnsworth moves to third base, that will open up a spot in the bullpen/rotation for Brian Anderson, who now fancies himself a pitcher. 

“We’re certainly open to that possibility,” Hillman said.  “Anderson has made some adjustments in his delivery that we believe are going to make him an effective pitcher.”

When asked what adjustments those might be considering he he has no history as a pitcher, Hillman said “I’m looking at it more from a throwing-from-center-field standpoint.  He didn’t have the smoothest arm action throwing the ball in from center, but Bobby (McClure) has been working with him to make some adjustments and he’s been getting the ball closer to the strike zone.”

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