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Royals Lose Again, Are Quietly Off To A Bad Start

Here are the current ERAs for the guys who started and finished tonight's game for the Royals: 11.37 and 11.74. Those are only the current ERAs from the one-time franchise symbol and rotation stabilizer, Gil Meche, and one of the more interesting live arms snagged by Dayton Moore, Robinson Tejeda. We're nearing a crisis here, regarding this pitching staff, and I'm not sure there's an immediate solution. I didn't think the Royals would be really really bad this year, I merely thought they'd be bad. Now, I'm not sure. They really might lose 100 games.

The Royals have flown under the radar a little bit this season. We can thank the Astros and Orioles for that. (The Orioles are 2-15!) The won-loss record has never been particularly ugly, and 6-10 isn't even that ugly right now. The baseball commentariat hasn't really had its collective, "man, the Royals are bad" moment yet, in part, of course, because that is unnecessary.

That may be coming though. Tonight, it feels like things are about to get ugly.