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Royals Can't Convert Twin Pop-Ups And A Million Hits Into A Win

Just your everyday bizarre Royals loss. I think my favorite moment was Trey Hillman using Brayan Pena to run for Jose Guillen in the 11th. Always enjoyable to get a nice moment of Treyball curiosity right after a rare bit of comeback ecstasy. Is Pena even faster? If you must run for Guillen, is your last bench player and emergency catcher the best option?

(I will say this, the patented using Bloomquist as a pinch runner worked perfectly.)

And oh, the Royals were somehow rallying again in the 12th, with the garbage pail lineup putting together one of the limpest threats imaginable together, thanks to a Pods infield single and then a Bloomquist reach on error/fielder's choice... except the umpire botched the call, ending the game.

Bad pitching, bad defense, not enough offense. It's frustrating watching the Royals strand runners, but that's partly endemic to having a long sequence, singles-based offense.

Do you wanna talk about the details or the big picture? Four years into the Moore regime, and they're still the bumbling Royals.